NGB Submission Forms

Using the link below please provide a description of your sport and/or disciplines that we can use to promote your sport.

If you have any specific discipline or variations of the sport you would like us to promote on our A-Z please submit these separately.

A-Z Sport Description

This is a generic description of your sport to be used on the SportSuite A-Z list.

Please visit the links below to complete the relevant forms to let us know of any Programmes, Products or Campaigns that you have running and would like us to promote.

If you have multiple Programmes, Products or Campaigns please submit each one separately.


These are the NGB led programmes such as 'Go Spike Volleyball', 'Rush Hockey' or 'GymFit'


These are tangible products (equipment) packs i.e. PING table tennis or Arrows Archery set.


Scheduled dates for particular NGB led campaigns i.e. National Golf Month or National Go Canoe Week


These are courses that your NGB offers i.e. RFU's Scrum Factory course.

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