SportSuite Newsletters

Tailor and target your e-news with SportSuite Newsletters, keeping your users engaged and coming back for more!

Key features

  • Easy-to-use templates make creating emails a breeze
  • Flexible 'drag and drop' templated email creator speciallly set up for your organisation's brand so you can be creative without compromising on consistency
  • Automatically populate your newsletters from exisiting SportSuite content, create content 'from scratch' or a combination of both.
  • Accurately target your emails with precise and powerful user profiling
  • Analyse each mailshot and understand what makes your audience tick
  • Send test versions to yourself and collegues for review
  • Schedule your newsletters or send straight away
  • Review the success of each newsletter using the system's in-built statistics and reporting options

Benefits to your organisation

  • Save on staff capacity by sharing the workload! This application provides the ability for different staff members to create newsletters and content - all of which can be approved and scheduled later by a lead staff member.
  • Maintain a number of pre-designed newsletter templates for various topics that still come under your organisations branding specifications i.e. funding newsletters, sport specific newsletters or volunteering newsletters.

Link with other SportSuite applications

SportSuite: News - 'Pull in' newsletter content without having to manually re-type information every time. Just select which stories you want to add!

SportSuite Jobs - Select which jobs you would like to feature in the newsletter

SportSuite Events - Select from your events which you would like to highlight in your newsletter.

SportSuite Activity Finder - Select relevant activity sessions for the target audience to promote in your newsletter

SportSuite Funding - Promote the newest funding opportunities, by selecting them to add to your newsletter.

SportSuite Workforce - Pull off the information directly from your volunteering feed for promotion in your newsletter.

SportSuite Core - Use profile analytics to see how each individual is engaging with your newsletters

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