SportSuite Funding

SportSuite Funding helps you put your audience in reach of those all-important pots of cash needed to make dreams a reality!


  • Users can quickly filter and search for funding opportunities and, if you want them to, apply directly online
  • Customisable review/accept/reject dashboard gives you and your partner organisations full control over the application process
  • Applications link to a user's account, building up their profile and making administration far simpler for you and them

Benefits to your organisation

  • A ready-made database of funding opportunities that you can promote to your users and save on staff administration time.
  • Your staff still have the ability to add new available funds onto the system.
  • A 'partnership approach' where all new funds added are shared among the SportSuite users.

Link with other SportSuite applications

SportSuite: Newsletters - Don't write out the key funding information every time you want to promote a fund in your newsletter - just select the ones that you want to add, and they'll appear!

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