Activity Tracker

Are you a County Sport Partnership or Physical Activity organisation that would like to offer an online tool to track your exercise levels and activity participation? If so, contact us for a license quote today!

Our Activity Tracker offers your website visitors the ability to record their activity either manually or via wearable technologies/mobile apps such as Fitbit or Strava.


  • Ability to track sport and physical activity performed.
  • Synchronise with popular activity tracking apps and wearables to ensure easier activity upload.
  • Dashboard to view personal accomplishments.
  • Ability to create challenges for different named' groups' of users i.e. by gender, districts, workplaces, or just friendship groups!
  • A wide range of activities to encourage a brand reach of participation interests.
  • Activity tracking and challenges can be embedded within the organisations own website - not a separate website.
  • Challenges can be supported by using other modules such as 'Newsletters' or 'Forms' for surveying participants.

Link with other SportSuite applications

SportSuite: Forms - Send out surveys before/after activity challenges to determine user interests and expectations.

SportSuite: Newsletters - Use the Newsletters feature to promote challenges and activities to your users

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