SportSuite Activity Finder

By just entering an activity and location, your users will be presented with everything they need to know about activities within the area, such as links to available courses to make it as easy as possible for them to get involved!


SportSuite Activity Finder works hard for people wanting to get active, as well as the people who provide access to all manner of sports and activities. It's formed of two core components which come together to form one nifty module...

Club, venue and provider database

  • Clubs, venues and other activity providers in your area can register, create and maintain their own public profile on the site.
  • As well as these providers linking up automatically with the A-Z of Sport, providers can also 'link up' between themselves e.g. a venue can specify which clubs meet there and vice versa.
  • Once a provider is approved they can add their sessions/activities to the site through their profile - don't worry, you can have final say over what goes on your site!
  • Emails are sent automatically to providers encouraging them to stay involved with the site, e.g. to add new sessions if their current ones are close to expiry and to check and update their profiles regularly.
  • Through an easy-to-use interface, you can manage and run reports on the providers and activities in the database.

Activity search

  • The data that providers add to the site fuels the public activity search.
  • Activity sessions can be linked to over 200 different sports and activities.
  • A simple search widget provides an "I'm looking for [sport/activity] near [postcode]" to deploy around your site.
  • Powerful filtering through the main activity search means users can set maximum distances, whether they're looking for a club, venue or activity, set age, ability and gender preferences, and specify date ranges.
  • An activity session generator allows generation 6 months worth of recurring activity sessions with a few simply clicks.
  • Built in booking system allows you to take online, offline, free and paid-for activity session bookings
  • Integrate with your payment gateway to be able to accept online payments for activity session bookings.

Benefits to your organisation

  • The SportSuite activity finder is the broadest session search engine currently in our field of work. As well as listing local clubs, sport sessions and physical activity programmes, our activity finder is also able to promote health and wellbeing sessions.
  • Use this application to strengthen partnerships between sport, physical activity and health providers with a shared local search engine of all programmes.
  • To save your staff administration time, any organisation can submit details to populate the Activity Finder- but you can still 'approve' it all before the content goes live on your site.

Link with other SportSuite applications

SportSuite: A-Z - your Activity Finder can seamlessly display relevant and local activity sessions and clubs onto your A-Z, so users can find out everything they could ever want to know about a sport in your area.

SportSuite: Workforce - provide your workforce with a way to promote their own activity programmes, or a way to view local clubs and sessions.

SportSuite Newsletters - promote local activity sessions to your users based upon their location and interests.

SportSuite Forms - create registers for activities in one click, track attendance, give your coaches/activators access to use on-the-go and gather feedback to improve your service in the future.

SportSuite Events - link activities to a campaign to create campaign specific activity feeds to promote to your networks and monitor income from paid-for activity sessions in the stock room.

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