SportSuite A-Z

SportSuite A-Z is a ready-made database of sport and physical activities which you can adapt for your site, adding, removing and tweaking as your audience requires.


  • Give your users all the information they could possibly want about a sport, all in one place!
  • Promote less well-known sports and activities to help boost numbers
  • Over 200 sports, physical activities and wellbeing programmes are promoted in the national A-Z listing. More can be added upon requested and you have full veto over the ones that appear on your website.

Benefits to your organisation

  • This application updates your users on the latest programmes and products from each sport's National Governing Body - so you don't have to!
  • You do however have the ability to add any localised information and opportunities to each sport if you wish

Link with other SportSuite applications

SportSuite: Activity Finder - 'Pull in' relevant and local sports sessions and clubs onto your A-Z, so users can find out everything they could ever want to know about a sport in your area.

SportSuite: Workforce - provide your workforce with access to the latest information from their NGB, including links to NGB support officers and sports websites.

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