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What is SportSuite?

SportSuite is a set of web modules designed by, with and for Sport and Physical Activity organisations. Very much centred around its users, SportSuite makes your website work harder giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff!

From a single app or pick-and-mix to a complete one-stop-shop website harnessing the full power and interconnectivity of the whole suite, you're in control - use as few or as many modules as you like!

As sport and technology industry veterans ourselves, the SportSuite team know how changeable things can be sometimes. Rest assured SportSuite has adaptability at its core. Plus, we actively involve our customers in the development process so we're sure our software grows and changes as it needs to.

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  • Core

    SportSuite Core is the baseline experience for all users that gives you the power to make your mark by creating your own personal profile and connecting you with others.

  • A-Z

    SportSuite A-Z is a hub for all sports in your area that provides everything you could possibly want to know about sports and activities!

  • Activity Finder

    By just entering an activity and location, your users will be presented with everything they need to know about activities within the area

  • Activity Tracker

  • Events

    From family days out to themed campaigns to seminars and training courses, Sport Suite Events is your central hub for publicising and managing what's on.

  • Forms

    Got burning questions? Need feedback? Want answers? Sport Suite's easy-to-use survey creator puts you in control of what, how and who you ask

  • Funding

    SportSuite Funding helps you nurture a budding athlete's career right from the beginning by connecting them with the all-important funding needed to launch their career!

  • Jobs

    SportSuite Jobs helps you create job openings to post on your website through a simple form builder.

  • Newsletters

    With SportSuite Newsletters, people only receive news about activities or sports that they decide, keeping your users engaged and coming back for more!

  • Workforce

    SportSuite Workforce makes it easier for the people that make sport happen to apply for a range of job or volunteering opportunities and for you to manage the application process.

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